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Memories of Castlereagh



Lisburn and Castlereagh Council


Project scale

Rural / Small


The Memories of Castlereagh project combined signage, a booklet and an app to inform locals and visitors of the history of the hills on the southern edge of Belfast.


The stories uncovered touch on the Plantation of Ulster, World War II and Ulster Scots literary heritage. The landmarks featured range from Conn O’Neills ancient castle, to the motte at Dundonald; the Rath at Lisnabreeny; and to Belvoir Estate.


We developed a wayfinding strategy and bespoke cartographic solution for what is quite a long 4hr/12km trail. This segmented the trail into manageable sections that cater for those less inclined, or less able, to attempt the complete trail.


In consultation with the client we prototyped a signage solution that looked good, was sensitive to the historic character of its environment and that complimented the new LVRP signage – alongside which it would be installed.


In addition we designed a simple identity, logo and colour scheme for all the Memories of Castlereagh project outputs.


A considerable amount of time was spent on picture research that was used on all three media. This uncovered some previously unpublished material so much so that the specified 24 page booklet was increased in size to 44 pages.


Agency services

- Concept development

- Logo and Identity design

- Picture research

- Historical research and copywriting

- Graphic design

- Signage design

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