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Lagan Valley Regional Park



Environmental / Leisure


From its headwaters in the Mourne Mountains, the River Lagan meanders through a patchwork of valley landscapes, wet meadows, woodland and parks down to the Lagan Navigation and out to the Irish Sea. The Lagan Valley Regional Park (LVRP) was established in 1967 and extends for 11 miles along both sides of the Lagan between Belfast (Stranmillis) and Lisburn (Union Locks).


The existing Lagan Valley Regional Park identity was over ten years old and many changes had taken place in the park since it was conceived. Visitor numbers had increased and they enjoyed a much greater variety of activities.


As part of a large-scale wayfinding project we were commissioned to carry out a brand review and revitalisation exercise. We examined all the brand touchpoints, from the logo on park signage, through park’s online presence, to its use on the park ranger’s fleeces.


To maintain brand continuity, we retained the kingfisher as the park’s emblem but redrafted it in a more animated form. The new version was a response to the four LVRP themes we had identified in the brand fact-find: industry, river and topography, flora and fauna and Georgian history.


The fact-find also highlighted that LVRP was one of only eight Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Northern Ireland and this external validation was an important part of its brand equity and was featured prominently as part of the LVRP identity.


See also Lagan Valley Regional Park signage


Agency services

- Brand development

- Logo and identity design

- Implementation

- Brand manual

- Brand management

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