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Lagan Valley Regional Park



Lagan Valley Regional Park Trust


Project scale

Rural / Large


The Lagan Valley Regional Park is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty encompassing the banks of the Lagan River from Belfast to just beyond Lisburn. The park comprises meadowland, former grand estates and the remnants of the Lagan Navigation canal.


Along with MWA Partnership, we were tasked with the development of a navigational and interpretative plan, the rebranding of LVRP, and the design and procurement of a suite of signs. We surveyed the whole park on foot and by bike, and from this exercise a wayfinding strategy for the park was developed that catered for all park user group: walkers, cyclists, runners, families and canoeists.


A series of different interpretive panels and fingerpoles were plotted in relation to visitor clustering nodes, access points and visitor flows through the park. The design of the signs and the graphic language employed took as its inspiration the Lagan Navigation canal infrastructure and 19th century industrial typography.

The client supplied the interpretive text and we complimented this with picture research at the Ulster Museum and the National Library of Ireland. We also conducted a GPS signal survey and incorporated QR codes to access the LVRP audio trail.


The information panels and vanes were manufactured from high pressure laminate. Accent details such as the nameplates and audio trail marker plates were all made from vitreous enamel. The posts are made from oak with a durable and vandal-resistant charred finish.


It was important that, on a project as prestigious as this, the signage was constructed from high quality materials. It was also important that the Lagan Valley Regional Park identity was updated and matched the quality of the signage but also embodied the parks ‘aims and vision’.


See also LVRP identity


Agency services

- 3D Concept development

- Cartography

- Wayfinding strategy

- Sign design and material specification

- Picture research

- Design and illustration

- Logo and Identity

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