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Visit Clare





In 2015 Clare County Council commissioned a review of their tourism market presence. The initial brand development work - strategy, values and proposition - was carried out by Little Blue Studio, who also created the Visit Clare ‘C' logo.

For the past two years we have been responsible for the implementation of the identity across print, web, digital and environmental graphics.

In year one, the roll-out of the Visit Clare brand featured the mark upfront and central. The guidelines were strictly enforced, allowing the identity to bed-in with the audience, build awareness and cement the connection between the C logo and County Clare.

Next year saw the range of marketing collateral increase significantly beyond the scope of the original guidelines. Edge and corner cases necessitated expanding the graphic framework, developing new picture usage and digital guidelines.

The key to the success of the Visit Clare brand deployment was that we executed it in a series of stages. Each stage allowed for the evolutionary development of the brand:

  • Recognition

  • Extension

  • Consolidation

  • Expansion

We also carefully managed each stage to preserve brand continuity throughout the process, and because brands never stand still this is something that is ongoing.

Agency services

- Implementation

- Brand development

- Brand management

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