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Backed by leading UK investors, Surrey NanoSystems works with its partners to deliver practical nano-materials, such as Vantablack, for the semiconductor, renewable-energy and clean technology industries.


One of the key attributes of Vantablack is that it reflects no visible light and when seen with the naked eye it is completely black, even in direct sunlight.


To reflect this quality we used a deep Pantone black spot-colour to print the marketing material. This was coated with a matt laminate to give a completely flat finish. We developed a simple wordmark, coupled it with an explanatory tagline and read-at-a-glance graphs to clearly and concisely communicate the key technology benefits.


Because of the importance of Vantablack to Surrey NanoSystems’ future, the identity was approved by the board whose members included the former Head of Marketing and Advertising at Chase Manhatten, a non-executive director of the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills, and the former Managing Director of Lloyds TSB.


Vantablack was launched at the 2014 Farnborough International Airshow and attracted considerable interest from both foreign television companies and UK newspapers such as the Guardian and Independent.


Internationally renowned sculptor (Sir)

Anish Kapoor plans to use Vantablack as a

surface treatment for an upcoming project.


Agency services

- Brand development

- Logo and identity design

- Implementation

- Brand manual

- Brand management


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