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Tour de Burren



Mass participation sporting event


The Tour de Burren is a cycling sportif, attracting over 2000 participants, it takes place on the rugged limestone landscape of County Clare in the west of Ireland.


The event was relaunched in 2018 with a new format of rides and routes. We were tasked with designing an identity and top-line messaging for both the night and the daytime events.


The Burren is a unique, liminal terroir on the edge of Europe and was the natural choice as basis for the event’s identity. The grikes and clints that scar the rock, formed the slogan; the hoary rock-rose that lives in the crevices was morphed into a sprocket and a setting sun; both were augmented by the dramatic scenic images that truly warrant the designation - epic!


The colours were taken from the rocks, the sea, the grey skies and the little enduring yellow rose. The bold graphic style of the wordmark was designed to be easily embroidered and screen-printed on a variety of merchandise.


Did the identity podium? It did as far as former world champion Sean Kelly is concerned; he will be leading out the Day into Night peloton.

Agency services

- Brand development

- Messaging

- Logo and identity design

- Implementation

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