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Belfast Entries



Belfast City Council



Urban / Small


The layout of The Entries - off High Street in Belfast - hasn't changed since the cities’ Victorian heyday. However, over the years these thoroughfares have become less than pleasant places to traverse.


Alongside the other public realm improvements, Phase II of the Entries dressing project utilised large monochrome vitreous panels to display images of the area, historic documents and paintings of famous citizens. Aluminium 'banners' were also installed in Crown Entry to mask the untidy service ducts and cables


Image Zoo planned the layout and design of the panel structures, carried out all historic research and sourced archive images from the excellent R.J. Welch collection.


These improvements, along with new lighting and a deep-clean, ensured the Entries were more welcoming and more widely used by visitor and locals.


Agency services

- Sign design and material specification

- Picture research

- Design and illustration

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