Tewkesbury Council


Historical signage

Tewkesbury is a thriving town and a living museum of architecture and social history spanning over 500 years. The town has such a perfectly preserved medieval character that The Council of British Archaeology described it as one of 57 towns "so splendid and so precious that the ultimate responsibility for them should be of national concern".


To provide the annual 1.5 million visitors with some much needed on-the-ground interpretation and wayfinding Tewkesbury Council asked us to develop a signage solution for the Riverside, Battle and Ham trails.


It was important that the signage solution was unique to Tewkesbury and that the graphic language it employed complimented the architectural character of Tewkesbury’s Tudor streetscapes.


Content for the signs was developed in partnership with the Battlefield Society, Tewkesbury Historical Society and Tewkesbury Civic Society, this was combined with a compelling hand-drawn map to act as a visitor ‘call to action’. Graham Turner’s fine illustrations of the battle were used alongside an extensively researched library of images ranging from the Ghent Manuscript to contemporary photographs.


The scheme has been very positively received by all participants in the project and, of course, visitors to the town.

Agency services

- Concept development

- Historical research

- Picture research

- Graphic design

- Cartography

- Project management