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Sammon is an independent UK and Ireland based practice providing chartered surveying, project management and real estate support services.


These services are provided via a series of financial, technical and legal reports that are delivered at key stages throughout a construction project.


The reports contain a lot of spreadsheets and Sammon were keen to make them more accessible to lay stakeholders by using infographics and generally improve their presentation. The reports are written and formatted by surveyors with no design training and the challenge was to ensure that the data visualisations were consistent, attractive and did not involve transposing data, as this could introduce errors.


The task was further complicated by the fact that the reports were authored in MS Excel; not the most design-friendly packages.


Firstly, we developed a series of dynamic infographic templates in Excel that automatically updated as project data changed. These were combined in dashboard layouts as part of a new graphic system (palette, icons, elements) that clarified the presentation of information and foregrounded the Sammon corporate identity


Secondly, we identified a workflow based around Microsoft’s Power Bi that would allow cloud-based access to financial data stored in Building Information Models, as these become commonplace.


This project was part of Invest NI’s DesignForward scheme.

Agency services

- Brand development

- Messaging

- Workflow design

- Software recommendations

- Implementation

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