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Industrial Heritage Trail





A2 fold out map


The Industrial Heritage Trail Map is part of a series of tourism focused printed collateral that we have developed for the EastSide Partnership.


This particular trail was aimed at the tourists, the diaspora and those with a particular interest in the industrial history. Its aim to promote this former industrial heartland as a visitor destination by giving an insight into:


  • The development of east Belfast

  • Living conditions of the workers

  • Key industries

  • Achievements

  • Decline and regeneration


The challenge was to fit a complete overview of 3 centuries of industrial development onto an A2 fold-out map, and to do so in a visually clear and attractive manner.


The interpretive side features an infographic that charts the development of Belfast in response to changes in power supply and transportation. The written content was tailored to complement the information available on the interpretive signage installed along the trail.


The map side is based on an old Ordnance Survey map of east Belfast from the 1950s, over which the following factory locations were plotted:


  • Rope-making and weaving

  • Engineering and manufacturing

  • Food and drink

  • Small supply-chain businesses


The project was very much community led and research, anecdotes and many cups of tea were supplied by the Very Local History Group based in East Belfast, who helped imbued the project with a strong local character.


Agency services

- Concept development

- Logo and icon design

- Cartography

- Picture research

- Graphic design

- Implementation

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