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B2B / Leisure services


The Highpoint Group is an adventure management company that offer its clients anything from laser clay-pigeon shooting through a galvanizing night’s teambuilding on Slieve Donard, via some water-sports, to a quick scramble up its mobile climbing tower.


The Group’s identity needed to encompass the range of activities offered and make a feature of the most important aspect of its business - people.


A group of satellite sub-brands was developed around the master identity. The brands were used ad hoc on Highpoint’s marketing material.  Without access to a professionally-taken company archive, we improvised by collating smartphone snaps taken by team leaders, participants and trainers. These were used to create mosaic images that were displayed on the brochures and website.


Agency services

- Brand development

- Logo and identity design

- Implementation

- Brand manual

- Brand management


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