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Greener Clare



G2C / Local government


Greener Clare are a team based at Clare County Council who assist, coordinate and raise awareness of environmental activities across a county that is home to UNESCO Global Geopark, The Burren, and the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland’s tallest.


These activities are numerous and range from small scale community clean-ups to those forming part of national environmental campaigns. A common theme is that they all involve people working together.


The logo we created arose out of experiments with guilloche patterns - as used to authenticate certificates and documents. These geometric forms were abstracted to become nest-like. A nest not only references home, it is painstakingly constructed from a multitude of small strands. Arrows were incorporated into the design to represent a change of behaviour and the journey to a better environment.


The Greener Clare identity is used to co-brand events, as well as being the de facto identity for events/organisations that have none. It is flexible and has a large graphic toolkit that can be used when photographic imagery wasn’t available.


The people of County Clare take the stewardship of their environment seriously. However, it was important that the Greener Clare brand didn’t hector its audience. It needed to be playful, positive and animated to appeal to its key audiences; families, school groups and young people.


Agency services

- Naming strategy

- Brand development

- Messaging

- Graphic Design


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