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Larne Council



Coastal / Medium


The Glenarm Heritage Village project involved the design and installation of a:

  • Master Map

  • Printed literature

  • 12 Interpretive Panels

  • 4 large wooden sculptures

  • 4 stone benches

  • Fingerposts

  • Glenarm Smartphone App


Glenarm is a picturesque village in the Antrim Coast & Glens, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).  It is home to a small community that is proud and protective of their village and its environment.  Whilst the adjacent Glenarm Castle walled  garden achieves good visitor numbers, the village itself did not, so we were tasked with increasing footfall, dwell time and spend.


After a previously unsuccessful signage scheme, resistance was quite high to ‘yet more signs’. A stakeholder meeting was held with residents, Larne Council and representatives from the Earl of Antrim’s estate. Their hopes and concerns were noted and these formed the basis of the interpretative strategy.


Glenarm is a conservation area and it is important that the signage did not detract from the beauty of its historic fabric. This was achieved through a carefully designed sign structure and the style of the applied artworks. The use of a heritage green colour scheme and period typefaces blended well in terms of scale and appearance with the vernacular village architecture.


The family of signs prominently displayed a 19th century OSNI map. A 3D model of the village, Glenarm Castle and its walled garden was also incorporated. A number of different map vectors (heads-up mapping) were produced to suit the varying orientation of the signs. We also designed a series of themed trails throughout the village to encourage exploration.


To increase the appeal to the target family audience, we created a sculpture trail through Glenarm Forest and accompanying smartphone app – The Key to Glenarm - with challenges, a quiz and prizes for successfully completing the tasks.


The scheme formed part of Glenarm Regeneration Strategy and was sponsored by The Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment. It has recently been completed and very positively received by both the council and village residents.


Agency services

- Concept development

- Cartography

- Wayfinding strategy

- Interpretative strategy

- Sign design and material specification

- Research and  copywriting

- Picture research

- Design and illustration

- Logo and Identity

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