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Fuel for athletes



Health Education


As part of an extension to the Milk it for all it’s worth campaign, The Dairy Council developed an exercise and nutrition programme for GCSE and
A-level students.


The objective was to engage students of sport in a lifelong relationship with milk and dairy products by having a series of conversations with them.


The focus group research established a brand proposition: ‘For people who love life and want to enjoy it in full. Milk is the life force that empowers them because it is packed full of natural goodness’.


The group also identified the shared male/female brand associations of, ROOTED, RECHARGE, COMFORT and ENERGY.


Armed with this information, we developed an identity that that combined a scoreboard metaphor with photographic imagery processed, for dynamic effect, with Delaunay triangulation. The energetic style sat alongside infographics detailing the importance of regular rehydration and refuelling.


We also developed a series of infographics to present the scientific information in a visual manner. This not only made the facts more interesting the visual presentation also acted as a mnemonic that improved lesson recall.


Agency services

- Brand development

- Logo and identity design

- Implementation

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