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eu journ

EU Journey



European Studies Programme, SELB


An A4 ring binder and boxfile containing:

1 x CD

2 x A1 maps

26 x A4 jigsaws

10 x lesson plans

47 x A4 perforated sheets

5 x role play scenarios 

2 x passport application forms


The development of the European Union has delivered unprecedented peace, prosperity and stability to the continent. It is important that young people as citizens have an understanding and a sense of ownership of the EU. This element of the European Studies Programme was aimed at 11-15 year olds.


An educational pack that explains the workings of an organisation as large as the European Union must be compelling both in terms of lesson plan and content presentation. The solution was to allow the content to ‘breath’ and not have ‘dense’ page layout overburdened with information. We also decided to incorporate a number of interactive elements within the lesson plans.


Visually, we developed a bold graphic style based on the national flags of all 28 member states. This allowed us the flexibility to give each lesson a distinct, colourful and colour-coded identity. This was combined with a series of role-playing exercises, quizzes, jigsaws and maps that helped breakdown the complexity of the EU bureaucracy and make its activities tangible.


Graphically, the teacher notes were laid out in a clear, easy to read manner. The text had a logical structural hierarchy with tabbed section headings that helped the teacher quickly find the information required with minimal pre-class preparation.


Agency services

- Art direction

- Picture research

- Design and illustration

- Logo and identity

- Print management

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