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CS Lewis Festival





EastSide Arts


The CS Lewis Festival is a celebration of the imagination, loosely themed around the writer’s work, and held in east Belfast every November.


For the 2019 Through the Wardrobe edition Image Zoo created a new identity for the festival that mirrored the otherworldly, Gothic qualities of
CS Lewis’ most famous series of novels, The Chronicles of Narnia.


Because the festival appeals to a diverse audience, images of the featured acts could not be used as the key promotional assets. Instead, we created a pictorial, multi-layered and literary mark that provokes curiosity and is strong enough to be featured front and centre on all marketing collateral.


The modular nature of the identity meant that it could be applied thematically throughout the A5 festival programme. It also means that the identity can easily be refreshed in 2020 and beyond.


Agency services

- Brand development

- Messaging

- Graphic Design

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