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Arts / Education


The Creative Youth Partnership was a pilot scheme initiated by Arts Council NI to facilitate the booking of visiting arts lecturers by local nursery, primary and post-primary schools. The range of different activities covered by the scheme was large: visual arts, dance, film, literature, traditional arts, music.


The brief stipulated that the identity had to reference many of these art forms as well as stand out as a creative and eye-catching solution.


Previously, arrangements for booking visiting lecturers had been an ad hoc process, so it was important that the identity reflected that the CYP scheme was a universally accessible online database.


The logo is based around a 3d node, or network junction, out of which radiates objects representing the arts activities covered by CYP. The polka dot colour scheme is based on Damian Hirst’s spot paintings – in this case Famotidine – which were à la mode when the scheme was conceived.


The mark was used on all online, on t-shirts and all printed collateral.


Agency services

- Brand development

- Logo and identity design

- Implementation

- Brand manual

- Brand management

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