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August Craft Month 2010



Craft Northern Ireland



12 page tabloid newspaper


August Craft Month (ACM) is an annual celebration of contemporary craft that takes place across Northern Ireland. It comprises over one hundred craft events including talks, exhibitions and demonstrations. ACM is supported by Arts Council NI and Invest NI.


Each year ACM adopts a different theme and in 2010 the programme invited us to take a step back, slow down and make. 


Street pianos, knitted graffiti, yarn bombing and a plethora of workshops all tapped into the ideas of the Slow Revolution; slow cities, slow living and slow travel.


Informally arranged analogue design elements – hand-woven letters, Polaroid snaps, masking tape, embroidered glyphs and letterpress type - all dovetailed conceptually with the event theme. Unlike the GOSS UNI 70 newspaper press that printed the complete run of 20,000 in an un-slow 15 minutes flat.


Other design collateral included 48-sheets, online and magazine promotions.


Agency services:

- Concept development

- Art direction

- Design and illustration

- Logo and identity

- Print management

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