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Community clean



Community outreach


Whilst Belfast’s street cleansing teams work every day to keep the city clean, sometimes individual sites do become a problem and East Belfast Partnership realised that getting the community involved was the best way to tidy these places up.


The Connswater Clean-Up scheme invited the local community to ‘lend a hand’ and donate their Saturday afternoons. We designed a how-to booklet and publicity poster which were distributed to community groups across east Belfast.


Collecting litter is not the most pleasant of tasks and we didn’t want to discourage people from participating by featuring images of litter-strewn side alleys. Instead, we created a simple, pictorial mark built from the sort of items volunteers would expect to come across. These were arranged - with a nod to the sixteenth century mannerist portraiture of Giuseppe Arcimboldo - in the shape of a hand.


Agency services

- Brand development

- Logo and identity design

- Implementation



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