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Central station 



Translink / Belfast City Council



Urban / Small


To orientate visitors alighting at Belfast‘s Central Railway Station we were commissioned jointly by Translink and Belfast City Council to produce a map of the city on which all major buildings were plotted along with Translink’s integrated bus and rail network.


The curved blue wall at the station exit ruled out installing a large single map so we elected to use a unitary solution comprising separate map panels covering the central areas of the city.


The panels, made from high-pressure laminate, were mounted on stand-off fixings that allowed us to correct for the unevenness of the mosaic surface


We liaised with Paschal O'Sullivan and Clare Costello in Translink’s Marketing Production Department to develop clear infographic to represent the many Metro bus routes operating throughout the city. Three possible solutions were proposed before selecting and refining the preferred option, this iterative design process is vital when working on complex transportation maps. We also carried out informal focus group testing of the maps to ensure their legibility.


All railway stations and their associated principle destinations were also identified. Isometric, 3D illustrations of key buildings were featured on the map along with a handy means to work out the distance to your destination.


Agency services

- Concept development

- Cartography

- Sign design and material specification

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