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Castlerock Signage



Coleraine Council



Coastal / Medium


Castlerock is a small village with a Blue Flag beach that sits on the Causeway Coastal Route (CCR), one of the top five worldwide road trips and an NITB Signature Project.


As a key sight along the CCR it is important that the Castlerock offering is visitor focused, well thought through and framed by an attractive public realm. It is with this aim in mind that Coleraine Borough Council commissioned a high quality interpretation and orientation project for the town.


We designed, manufactured and installed a suite of vitreous enamel signs, finger poles and bronze panels at key visitor clustering points in the village and in its immediate surroundings.


The interpretative content explored a number of key themes: the natural environment, importance of the railway to the development of the town and the social history of the area. The panel artwork included a mixture of archive images, wildlife photographs and a map based on satellite imagery that clearly shows the expanse of the beach, the scale of which is not immediately apparent to the first-time visitor.


One of the challenges was to successfully reproduce the only available, poor quality archive image of the station as a cast bronze panel.  Our solution: construct a 3D replica of the train, merge this with the archive image and create the CNC tool path from the resulting bitmap from which to create the mould for the bronze cast.  Simple.


Agency services

- Cartography

- Wayfinding strategy

- Interpretative strategy

- Research and copywriting

- Picture research

- Design and illustration

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