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Brian Boru



Tourism / Festivals and events


The story of Brian Ború - his life, reign and tragic death at Clontarf in 1014 - has captured the imagination of generations of Irish people.


The 2014 national programme of events centred on four key locations with links to Brian’s life: Killaloe in Co. Clare (Brian’s birthplace and seat of his High Kingship), Cashel in Co. Tipperary (where Brian was crowned High King of Ireland), Clontarf in Dublin (where Brian died), and Armagh (where Brian is buried).


We were asked by Clare County Council to develop a nationwide identity for the Brian Ború millennial celebrations. Rather than concentrate on his many military victories, the identity had to emphasise the cultural flowering that took place under his reign, of which precious little evidence remains. The importance of the brand’s neutrality also prevented us from featuring an iconic object associated with any particular county.


The solution was a brand mark based around a series of hand-rendered pictorial and textual elements. The crown represented his position as the first High King, an illustration of the Brian Ború harp represented music and the illuminated letter O represented the literary and monastic traditions.


Agency services

- Brand development

- Logo and identity design

- Implementation

- Brand manual

- Brand management

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