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Belfast Hills


Environmental / Leisure


The Belfast Hills is an area of 17 square miles, accessible to the public, to the west of Belfast. It extends from Carnmoney in the north, via Cave Hill and Divis, to Mullaghglass in the south. The land is owned by a mixture of public and private owners who collectively make up the Belfast Hills Partnership.


The Partnership was keen to develop an umbrella brand that would link the various areas and present the hills to the public as a single unified recreational resource.


The challenge was to create an identity that would work for all the named areas that form Belfast Hills and harmonise with the different stakeholder brand guidelines: National Trust, Belfast Zoo, Ulster Wildlife Trust etc.


We carried out a full fact-find, looked at best practice elsewhere and developed three possible identities based around pictographic, emblematic-species and topographic themes. The chosen treatment was then combined with a suite of taglines and a very loose set of corporate guidelines. This flexibility with regard to usage ensured that the identity was fully adopted by the stakeholder groups.


Agency services

- Brand development

- Logo and identity design

- Implementation

- Brand manual

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