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Business Consultancy Service



B2B / Consultancy services


The Business Consultancy Service (BCS) is the principle source of internal consultancy services across the Northern Ireland Civil Service, its Executive Agencies and the wider public sector. 


BCS has to compete for public sector business with external consultancies such Deloitte, McKinsey and KPMG etc.


To give its service a more professional look and to improve the presentation of reports we were asked to develop a new logo, integrated series of design templates, suite of infographics and supporting icons.


It was also important that the graphic toolkit could be edited quickly and easily by consultants without design training using Microsoft Office Suite.

We also made a series of recommendations for graphing and data visualisation software that staff could be trained to use for more research intensive projects.

Agency services

- Brand development

- Logo and identity design

- Implementation

- Brand manual

- Brand management

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