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EastSide Learning



A4 ring bound education pack


Sadly, because of the pernicious influence of smartphones and social media, children arrive at primary school without the necessary social skills to interact with their fellow pupils, and they have very low concentration levels.


Image Zoo helped develop the prototype listening and speaking programme, that had been created by local teacher Caroline Lennox and EastSide Learning, into a fully realised version for distribution to local schools.


It was important that the material for the 12-week programme - lesson plans, teaching aids and pupil task cards - was easy to use and durable. The tabbed, ring bound folder facilitated photocopying and the matt-laminate finish was tear resistant and could be wiped clean.


The detailed nature of the teacher’s instructions and the complexity of the document mean that structuring the information had to be given careful consideration.


The pilot scheme was a great success and we have recently delivered binders for all primary schools in east Belfast.


Agency services:

- Art direction

- Graphic design

- Logo and identity

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