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Connswater Jigsaw



East Belfast Partnership



Urban / small


The Connswater Community Greenway was a £35 million investment in east Belfast that created a 9km linear park along the banks of the Connswater, Knock and Loop Rivers.


For the official launch in the summer of 2017 we were asked to design and manufacture a giant, 7 metre long, jigsaw map of the greenway.


Those attending the opening ceremony were given a tile of the area where they lived. That morning, they would walk along the greenway bringing their piece of east Belfast to CS Lewis Square, where the jigsaw would be put together.


These things are always more complex than one imagines and take longer than planned. So much so, that we didn’t have time to test-assemble the jigsaw prior to the big day. Thankfully, with TV, press and funders in attendance the puzzle fitted together perfectly, with not a single piece missing.


We also created 2000 wooden jigsaw-piece souvenir keyrings, for all who attended.


Agency services

- Concept development

- Cartography

- Graphic design

- Production


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