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Clonminam Industrial Estate



Laois County Council



Urban / Medium


We’ve all driven around industrial estates and got lost – a common problem recognised by the B2B and B2C companies at this business park in Portlaoise. They approached Laois Council for new signage to aid navigation and improve the appearance of the park.


We developed a four tier wayfinding solution that ranged from large 4x4 metre approach signs; to 6 metre monolith signs, with easily changed nameplates, that acted as navigational beacons; to individual lamppost signs for location reinforcement; and coordinated fascia signs for individual businesses.


Each of the sign types were colour-coded based on a 5 zone geographical system. To prime visitors, companies were encouraged to incorporate the zone numbering as part of their postal address on all printed and online collateral.


Each sign displayed a heads-up, stylised, clearly numbered map of the business park. Through-directions to an adjacent estate were also provided on some of the signs.


This seemingly simple project, turned out to be one of the most complex we had worked on. However, it was successful, and businesses did report a drop in where-on-earth-are-you calls from customers and couriers.


Agency services

- Concept development

- Cartography

- Wayfinding strategy

- Sign design & material specification

- Supply of signage components

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